Te Kererū: Book 2 - Shaking The Nest

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This is the SECOND book in a new series, soon to become New Zealand’s most favourite speculative fiction.

Book 2 of Te Kererū finds Katherine Taylor well settled with her adoptive family

Kate is so well settled, it would seem, that the outside world has forgotten the landslide victim and orphan ever existed. 

Or perhaps she never existed at all.

Things are not what they seem

In fact, this was what at least one meddling bureaucrat came to believe, triggering a cascade of events that would make sure Kate could no longer remain hidden in her peaceful village by the Lake.

Welcome to Katherine Taylor’s world - Part 2

After a devastating accident, Katherine Taylor, who was born to Pākehā parents, is adopted as a young child by the most powerful Māori family in the region in Book 1. 

Discover more about Kate and her world in Book 2 as she ventures out and faces new challenges in her early teenage years

Book 2, Te Kererū - Shaking The Nest is now available...!

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Who is SG Smith?

Writer of speculative fiction living on the edge of a super-volcano.

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Here's what people are saying about Te Kererū - Book 2

"Well I stayed up nearly all night reading the second instalment! I couldn’t put it down. Very sad to get to the end!" - LR

"Beautifully written" - MF

Here's what people are saying about Te Kererū - Book 1

A gorgeous little story

"I sat in the sun yesterday and read your book. It is lovely and not something I usually read which is why it is nice to be given the opportunity.

It really is a gorgeous little story (and I know there is more to come). The descriptive details of the village and inhabitants is great and one can really imagine life there. I quite liked the gang related connections and wonder what is going on there. I expect there will be more to come

Anyway it is a lovely story, well written and descriptive." - Adrienne N.

"The best thing about being on Twitter has been discovering new authors. I also love the humor, but good books > funny .gifs.

I’ll do another post with the (long) list of fine writers and their books I’ve discovered there, but today we focus on one delightful little book (or Part I of a delightful long book) Te Kererū by Susan G. Smith.

The book subtly hints Kate's something more than what she seems… something bigger…

“Te Kererū” is the Māori name for the native New Zealand wood pigeon, a beautiful and tasty bird. When three-year-old Katherine Taylor, a “Pākehā” (white person) is orphaned by a massive landslide, she is adopted by the regional Māori chief–and by the village and its people. Given the nickname Te Kererū, little Kate is different, quiet, mysterious, apparently the proverbial “old soul.” But the book subtly hints she’s something more than this, something bigger…

Without trying hard in any way, we’re educated about the New Zealand Māori culture and society, something I had only a slight knowledge of before reading Te Kererū. The author obviously loves her country and its people and the book opened up a new piece of the world for me, as I believe it will for most readers.

Her style is clear, limpid is the old-fashioned word, mostly short declarative sentences, but skillfully layered one upon another, sips not gulps, and very satisfying, in the long run.

The story is developed through a series of scenes or vignettes, glimpses of events and pieces of conversations, a technique I also use and can appreciate. Each chapter is a facet of a gem, and gradually we begin to see something taking shape, a mission or a destiny, and…end of Book 1.

Like the wonderful old movie serials, the present volume leaves the reader wanting more. This isn’t so common these days, but I’m all right with it. I understand the next book will be available soon, which I hope is true.

Because the only thing I didn’t like about this book was that it ended." - Neovictorian

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Te Kererū: Book 2 - Shaking The Nest

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